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Sunday, 01 May 2011 07:44


- Immediate moratorium on retrenchments

- Massive programme of public works

- Retool factories for production of socially necessary goods

- R3500 minimum monthly wage

- No to privatisation - for immediate re-nationalisation of all privatised services and assets

- No time limit for unemployment benefit


- An accessible, decent single state-funded health service free at point of use

- Expand training and learning facilities and enrolment of medical and health students; fill all empty posts

- Nationalise all pharmaceutical companies under democratic workers control


- Equal pay for work of equal value

- Combat gender-based violence, rape and abuse - gender-trained staff in all police stations and courts

- Access to decent shelters for all abused women and children

- End police harassment of sex workers - decriminalise sex work

Youth and education

- Free, quality public education for all - end tuition fees from pre-school to tertiary level

- End academic and financial exclusions; cancel student debt

- Restore privatised services to university/ school control

- Re-open all closed teacher training colleges - fill empty posts

- Mass campaign to end illiteracy

- Stop police harassment of street children - for humane care and shelter

Housing and basic services

- Nationalise all major construction companies

- Decent houses, electricity, water, modern sanitation for all

- Scrap all rent-, rates-, electricity arrears for working class communities

- No to evictions, water- and electricity cut-offs

- No to pre-paid meters


- An affordable efficient and integrated public transport system

- No job losses due to the Bus Rapid Transport systems – guaranteed jobs for taxi industry employees

- Minimum wage, trade union rights for taxi industry workers

Trade union democracy

- Election of all worker representatives - from shop steward to highest decision making structures - subject to right of recall

- Salaries of union officials to be based on average of skilled workers in the sector

- Close down union investment companies; for democratic control of investment decisions by rank-and-file worker committees

- For a rank-and-file campaign to reclaim Cosatu’s class and political independence

- Cosatu out of the tripartite alliance

- For a single trade union centre with a socialist programme

Workers’ unity

- Fight xenophobia - solidarity with exploited immigrant workers

- Trade unions must organise immigrant workers

- Equal pay, conditions and rights for all

- No to defending South African bosses against foreign bosses

- Socialist internationalism and solidarity through direct links of workers and trade unions

- Joint programmes to defend jobs and conditions across borders

Land reform and agriculture

- Expropriation and nationalisation of monopoly-owned commercial farms under democratic worker control and management. Compensation on basis of proven need only

- Restore food security through abolition of import parity pricing; for state-controlled prices for domestic agricultural produce


- Build a mass workers party on a socialist programme

- Nationalise top-five JSE companies, the Reserve Bank and commercial banks under democratic worker control and management. Compensation only on basis of proven need

- For a democratically worked-out plan of production for social need, not profit

- End global warming, no to fossil and nuclear energy – for green technology in energy production and transport

- For a socialist South Africa, a socialist Africa and socialist world


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Committee for a Workers' International

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